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Restored antique lighting is different from just having a chandelier or lamp rewired. Although it is rewired at the same time as it is restored. The difference is to maintain the same appearance or look as it did before it was restored. This keeps the appeal of the antique lighting as well as making it safe.

A lot of people can rewire a fixture or lamp to be safe, but it doesn’t always keep the same appearance and appeal as it did before being repaired. A professional restorer can rewire, but can also do minor and major repairs or restoration. Alot of antique lighting also needs to have metal repaired or re-soldered. Antique parts may need to be replaced or reproduced. Most professional restoration experts can fix these or know where they can acquire the needed replacement parts.

When restoring antique lighting, it is also beneficial to try and use vintage/antique parts as well, as long as they are in good working order.  Believe it or not, repair shops have antique parts in stock which have barely been used.  Either they were in storage or the person just used them occasionally, so they are still good and usable.  If you have a true antique, it is best to look around for the best person to restore your antique lighting not just rewire it.  It makes a world of difference in aesthetics as well as safety.

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