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We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve cleaned everything in the house for a party except the light fixtures.  Don’t be afraid to clean them, just follow this easy guide and you’ll have a sparkling chandeliers in no time.

What you need:

Chandelier cleaner such as Sparkle Plenty
; clean lint free paper towels or cloth towels; plastic dropcloth (you can use an old shower curtain); and a ladder (depending on your ceiling and where the chandelier is).

Let’s get down to cleaning:

First, make sure the power to the fixture is off. Leave the light bulbs in, they protect the inside of the socket. Put your drop-cloth over anything that might get wet. Put the ladder up and spray the fixture all over. Make sure not to spin your chandelier, this could cause the inside threaded rod to disengage and drop your chandelier. You should get up and down on the chandelier to spray the entire fixture. After it is thoroughly sprayed, take your cloth and wipe carefully, each prism and part of the chandelier. Sometimes, if the fixture is especially dirty, you may want to wipe and clean it twice. It is recommended to let the fixture dry at least two hours, but I like to wait until the next day before turning it on again.

Precautions while cleaning:

Always turn off the power to the light fixture. Never spin your chandelier when spraying or cleaning. Let it dry sufficiently before turning power on.

One more recommendation:

Try and clean your fixtures at least once a year, preferably before any holidays or special occasions. If you do it at the same time each year, your chandelier will always look good for those good times.

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